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With a big percentage of amateur videos we know how popular they are in South Africa. In this category is one of the most constantly updates ones with new content being uploaded regularly. 


One of the best ways of testing the tastes in porn is by paying attention to the number of videos in a category. This means if a category is constant in relation to others it probably means it is a favourite amongst the audiences. Our website specialises in videos for South Africa viewers. Everyone is welcome here but you will find a lot of mzansi videos and porn in the black category. Most of this content is completely amateur from real couples who like experimenting and sharing with everyone. In this society, talking about sex and pornography is still taboo. But is a safe space where you can be free to explore what you like sexually. And not only that but you will reach the best orgasms in the process.

Amateur sex videos are hot because you really feel like you’re taking a look at the sexual intimacy of other people. And there is also the factor that if an amateur video is local you could even know the people involved! What can be hotter than fantasising about seeing the girl next door get fucked in an amateur video? Nothing can beat that feeling of wanting to catch someone red handed. Have you ever wondered if your neighbours are into filming their sexual encounters? You never know what and who you will find in this section. The best news is you don’t have to pay for a subscription to enjoy. You can just watch as many XXX videos as you like for free and any time of the day. 


Unexperienced amateur babes with lots of natural talent 

Sometimes not having practice with something means nothing and especially in amateur porn. Maybe some girls are shy but most of them are naturally talented for fucking even without previous experience. 


It doesn’t matter if a girl is a virgin or not. After all we enjoy some good matures too! What matters is that they act naturally and that they show us their real attributes. Women just want to have fun and they don’t care if they haven’t done something before what we like about amateur chicks is that they have the courage to learn new things. They come as they are with their natural bodies and full of energy to have the best sex of their lives.

There is something about the setting of amateur porn videos that is really attractive. The natural lighting, the clothes, the attitude of the girls. It is all positive things. Sometimes we crave porn that looks similar to what we have at home or what we can achieve. Luckily, in this website you will be able to appreciate all these details in high quality. We carefully choose XXX videos that have great image and audio quality for the stimulation of your senses. In them you will find videos from all sources. Sometimes they use amateur cameras but this only makes the experience more real. It is good that we live in an era of phones with cameras. And let’s not forget cam girls who are real entertainers behind a tiny camera. We sure love watching them here. 


The dirtiest amateur settings on this category 

When you are horny all places are good to fuck. Amateurs know this and they enjoy sex more than anyone at any places, private or public. 


Sneaky sex is a big part of amateur porn. For amateur couples it is very important to be sneaky and fuck in places that are sometimes unconventional. Of course they like a bed like most of us but the also do it in the bathroom or the kitchen or at the park. The trick is don’t get caught! We hope you are ready to encounter the sexiest ebony amateur babes here with hot partners. Amateur lesbian couples are also desperate to show you what they can do. And even with years of sex activity Matures can also be amateurs if they are new in the world of porn.

We appreciate a nice homemade video and when they hit the Internet hundreds of fapping hours are guaranteed. If logic never fails then we know amateur porn is equal to more real orgasm, real moaning, and real bodies. You can pretend you are watching your girl or the neighbour because babes in porn videos can be real as fuck and have a charming aura. Those tits and pussies are waiting for a real cock that can fuck them and make them cum. Hidden cameras say present in this category and this section is so broad you can combine it with others. You can always find amateur videos mixed with other categories like Latina, or Mzansi, or brunette, big tits, interracial. What matter is you find what you see appealing and we promise you’ll get it without having to look too far or pay.