A category dedicated to the pleasure of enjoying oneself: masturbation 

This place is where you will find other people enjoying solo action and reaching climax. Masturbation is the most ancient of sexual pleasures and thanks to you have many videos to help you make it the best experience. 

What could possibly be more relaxing than watching someone else masturbate? Masturbating is natural and a great way of relieving tension and most of us enjoy it on a daily basis. The fact that thanks to technology we can now watch other people do the same is a blessing. You can now get to fap to the view of someone else fapping and nothing can top that. Forget all the taboo about girls not wanking. Girls masturbating all the time even if you think they don’t. Watching a woman touch herself will get you going really quickly. Something about being a voyeur who can watch but not touch is a huge turn on. Of course you are not only an spectator because you get to enjoy the same pleasure at home.

The are no risks from fapping. No fear of getting anyone pregnant or getting any diseases. It is just you watching or fantasising about what you like best and reaching orgasm. Despite what many conservative people say masturbation is not dirty or a sin, it is actually very healthy. In any case, what you need to keep in mind is in you have the chance of watching all videos at no cost. That is right, no subscriptions and no payments. All videos here are HD with great quality for free. No limits. You get to decide when to watch and where. Let the videos guide you to a state of relaxation you will find addictive. The number of orgasms you will get will be as high as the sky.


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Here you will find some of the biggest pornstars doing self pleasure acts as well as amateur girls sharing intimate moments. The camera quality doesn’t matter when the masturbation session is good. 

It doesn’t matter how much sex do you get and how often. Sometimes we all need a good moment alone to jack off or use a finger. Even the most famous stars of the porn industry love taking their time to fap. Men and women, there are no distinctions when we all want a relaxing orgasm. Our everyday lives make us constantly tires so it’s good to get home and relieve some tension. Fapping constantly helps you discover yourself and what you like. This is why masturbation is so popular amongst teenagers. Teen girls love using their fingers to pleasure their clits and fuck their own pussies. That way they prepare for the real action and know how to reach climax.

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The best part about living in the era we live is knowing that we can use many inventions for our own pleasure. Masturbation is no longer a task we must do with our bare hands now that we have all kinds of sex toys. 

Sex toys have been around for millennia but it is only now that we have easier access to them. They variety of sex toys for masturbation is now bigger and they come in all shapes and sizes. Also they are more affordable so anyone can buy them and enjoy at home. For girls this is a big opportunity to explore themself and use some dildos and vibrators. You will often see wands in videos of camgirls fapping for you and other stimulators. With lube and oils things get easier too and they no longer need a man to penetrate them. All they need is time and privacy to enjoy from one of the biggest pleasures in life.

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